Pastor Anthony & Vonda Taplin (uncle tap & teedy)(non-registered)
Just want to give a shout out to the best photography we know and love!!! Thanks for you vision and creative ability to bring to life the photos you take!! Love and Blessings to you!
Leah Rouege'(non-registered)
Great Work! I love my headshots. I cant wait to work with you again.
Michael & Ericka Lewis(non-registered)
John, you are sick an amazing photographer. The photos are beautiful. We now have all our precious memories captured. Can't wait to see the outcome of this album we're putting together. You work truly speaks for itself. Job well done!!!!! Thank you soooo much for capturing these priceless moments from our event !!! God bless ! Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.
Michaleen Bickham(non-registered)
Your work is unsurpassed...I enjoy our sessions very much. The Southern University at New Orleans Royal Court thanks you very much for capturing all of those wonderful memories. We can't wait for the next event. You are the best!!!! You are very humble, and very attentive to all. You definitely brighten our day. You even make me smile when you know I don't like pictures lol....Thank you again for your hard work and dedication. Truly a blessing to know you and call you friend.
The Class of G.W.Carver 89' Rocks"
Kriselette Chopin(non-registered)
I want to be an actress and a singer and I want to be modal too a wife and mother
WHERE DO I EVEN START????.... John DiLosa you are an amazing photographer and wonderful person all around. I love how you pay close attention to your customers wants & needs, making them feel special every step of their journey with ASolid Photography. It was such an enjoyment to work with you and my entire family loved your professionalism & great humor (you really know how to lighten the mood lol). I felt really special on my big day and looking at my photos now I love the way you have captured my beauty and magnifyed it times 100!!! I'm in love with all of my products! I can't wait until I need a photographer for something else because ill be using your services again. Thank You so much for everything, God has truly given you a gift and I'm glad your using it to brighten up the lives of others.
Montez Nelson-Dixon (NnyaK Events)(non-registered)
John I truly enjoyed working with you and your nephew. This was the best experience that I've ever had with a wedding. Keep up the great work. Ciara and I are very excited to see the final outcome. I look forward to working with you again...soon!
Frank A Bedell Owner Of Kstyles Designs(non-registered)
Kstyles Designs advise anyone to turn to Asolid for great work!!
Frank A. Bedell lll(non-registered)
Beautiful Work.. You have a great gift; thanks for bringing us the quality, state of the art work.... Thanks for capturing me and my family... You brought more beauty to our photo' u, God Bless you and your family..
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